These pages  have a list of Individual Records at Billerica High. 

If anyone has information on statistics from the missing years, please forward.  Thank You!

Most goals scored (minimum 200)
Total Detail
353 Grant Whiteway, Billerica (Billerica, Mass.), 2008-2011
324 Jim Connolly, North Andover (North Andover, Mass.), 2000-2004
308 Matt Bellando, St. Andrew’s (Boca Raton, Fla.), 2007-2010
292* Casey Powell, Carthage (Carthage, N.Y.), 1991-94
255# Rudi George, Salamanca (Salamanca, N.Y.), 2005-2008
249 Kyle Smith, Longmeadow (Longmeadow, Mass.), 2007-2010
244# Ryan Powell, Carthage (Carthage, N.Y.), 1993-1996
238 Travis Reed, Boys’ Latin/McDonogh (Md.), 2005-2008
237 Will Stenberg, Sr., Needham (Needham, Mass.), 2008-2011
235# Dan Hardy, Tully (Tully, N.Y.), 2000-2005
225 Kevin Huntley, Calvert Hall (Baltimore, Md.), 2002-2004
225* Andrew Whipple, West Irondequoit (Irondequoit, N.Y.), 1990-93
220 George Gullage, Billerica (Mass.), 1997-2000
217 Dan Doty, Potomac School (McLean, Va.), 1998-2000
209# Mario Ventiquattro, Carthage (Carthage, N.Y.), 2003-2006
207# Tonny McKee, Holt (Holt, Mich.), 2007-2010
202# Robert Grimm, Carthage (Carthage, N.Y.), 2004-2008
201# Justin Wahl, Penn Yan (Penn Yan, N.Y.), 1996-1999
200# Mike Powell, Carthage (Carthage, N.Y.), 1997-2000

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