Team Rules


Billerica Lacrosse Team Rules

  • Represent the Team and School the best of your ability. We are students first and athletes second.
  • No use of tobacco, vapes, drugs or alcohol. 1st Violation – Dismissed from Team
  • Follow all MIAA and School rules.
  • Compete as hard as you can during games and practices.
  • No Cursing.
  • Be on time. Early=On Time.  On time = Late
  • Work as hard as you can in the classroom as well as the field.
  • Show respect for equipment, locker rooms, teammates, coaches, and opponents.
  • Exemplify good sportsmanship at all times.
  • For any reason that a player has to miss school or practice, inform the coach beforehand.
  • Keep uniform clean.
  • No Hazing
  • Have Fun! Take the program to heights it has never seen.