We need some volunteers this Saturday!

I know early to be receiving an email about BMHS lacrosse but I could use an assist. I believe Coach Flynn posted an email I had sent out to the captains on Billericalacrosse.com but wanted to send out again to returning players.  As of today I have had zero responses other than from Coach Nickerson who generously offered to help and Derek 🙂 .   Please reach out if can help  even for an hour time slot on Saturday or would like me to drop calendars off at your house for you to sell independently to family/friends or at work.  The calendars have a new format this year and highlight many of our amazing BMHS athletes.   http://www.bmhsaa.org/green-days-calendar.html  I hope to hear from many of you with regards to taking some calendars to sell independently or to help out this Saturday.  We have  plenty of time have til mid February to sell.   Mary Laundry
Merry Christmas 2017 Boys Lacrosse Team,
By now you are all aware of what the BMHSAA does for ALL student athletes whether families are members or not but you may not be aware that our team was a recipient this year of a grant from the BMHSAA for our Krossover game tape software. I will be sending an email after xmas to all of last years’ players and to those who have emails  to see if can get some additional bodies for our time slot on the 12/31 to help us sell calendars.  The plan is to also ask parents/ players to voluntarily take some for the month of January/February to sell to friends and take some to work if applicable. . PLEASE PLAN TO MEET ME AT MARKET BASKET AT 780 BOSTON ROAD. between 9-1. The plan this year is for the BMHSAA is to go back to teams selling raffles similar to how the duck raffle was done for years at O’conners for months leading up to yankee doodle weekend.  
P.S. This year when cash winners drawn  each day during march a prize will also go to whatever seller was listed on raffle receipt turned in. I am personally going to try something NEW to motivate our boys. Every player who sells 5 will be entered to win BMHS spirit gear pack. Also their will be a grand prize for the player who sells the most they will receive a sweatshirt and custom shaft (tiger print really cool)  from Towson University Lacrosse.    

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