Volunteers needed for 12/31

Merry Christmas 2017 Lacrosse Captains,

By now you are all aware of what the BMHSAA does for ALL student athletes whether families are members or not but you may not be aware that our team was a recipient this year of a grant from the BMHSAA for our Krossover game tape software. I will be sending an email after xmas to all of last years’ players and to those who have emails  to see if can get some additional bodies for our time slot on the 12/31 to help us sell calendars.  The plan is to also ask parents/ players to voluntarily take some for the month of January/February to sell to friends and take some to work if applicable. . PLEASE PLAN TO MEET ME AT MARKET BASKET AT 780 BOSTON ROAD FOR A MINIMUM OF A 2 HOUR SLOT between 9-1. Also once I send out my email to entire team this week could use your help texting some of the varsity players to join us. 4 players there for each time slot is plenty.  The plan for the BMHSAA is to go back to teams selling raffles similar to how duck raffle was done for years at O’conners for months leading up to yankee doodle weekend.  Getting coaches involved too. THANK YOU have a great christmas. Craig and Ryan welcome to swing by if free that morning.


P.S. This year when cash winners drawn  each day during march a prize will also go to whatever seller listed on raffle turned in. I am personally going to try something NEW to motivate our boys. Every player who sells 5 will be entered to win BMHS spirit gear pack. A grand prize for the player who sells the most will be receive a sweatshirt and custom shaft (tiger print really cool)  from Towson University Lacrosse.

http://www.bmhsaa.org/green-days-calendar.html please view

Kevin Conway <nibconway@live.com> wrote:

Hello Team Reps,

I’m contacting you in order to schedule your individual team for an upcoming weekend date to sell our “Green Days” Calendar raffle at a local establishment or to connect with you to deliver calendars for you to distribute to your parents so they can sell them on their own.

As mentioned at the recent Winter Info Night and Fall Awards Night, teams that have already done on-site sales are still encouraged to have parents/athletes sell on their own. Or a team can opt to skip volunteering for on-site sales to instead completely sell individually (boys winter track & wrestling are doing this).

A few of the fall teams still need to volunteer, while the winter teams are doing so in-season. Spring teams are welcomed to get involved ASAP as well (girls tennis already has), so those Team Reps are asked to start contacting their returning parents now to set a date for late January or February.

Please remember, our goal is for each of our 26 programs (cheerleading combined as one) to average 200 raffle sales, which can be a combination of on-site and individual sales. Therefore, the teams with larger rosters can help the smaller teams reach their goal by selling more than 200.

We have an urgent need to load up volunteers for SATURDAY, DEC. 31. We have been given permission to sell at all three Market Baskets again that day in addition to various other locations. Please strongly consider getting involved on this date. If not available then, we will be scheduling sales for both days on every weekend through Feb. 26.

Steps to schedule a sales date for your team:

1)      Contact me with the date that you’re interested in selling.

2)      I will send you the link to the Signup Genius that you can e-mail out to your parents for them to sign up.

3)      Let me know how many calendar raffles you’d like to distribute to your parents for individual sales. You can always get more if you sell out.

As you can imagine, with 26 varsity programs, I’d appreciate if you would contact me with your plans so I do not have to chase you. You’re cooperation is greatly appreciated.ary thanks for your help in organizing raffle sales for your team! Please let me know if you have any questions or location suggestions for sales.


Happy Holidays to all!



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