Bruce Lerch Memorial Game

Bruce Lerch Memorial Game

From American Indian Lacrosse: Little Brother of War, by Thomas Vennum, Jr:

Lacrosse was also played as part of funeral and memorial ceremonies…Truman Michelson, who wrote extensively on the culture of the Fox, elucidated Fox practices on “what they do, and how they pray, when there is death… they would play ball….They used lacrosse sticks. It is as if they were playing with [the deceased] for the last time, so it is said. This is how it is when they play ball.”

Our lacrosse community has been shaken by the loss of Bruce Lerch, and as colleagues, coaches, and players have been telling stories and remembering him, one thing keeps ringing true: he loved a good game!

In that spirit, there’s no better way to honor Bruce than with a send-off that helps us all come together to celebrate his life and to acknowledge his place in our sport.

Pick-up games to remember Bruce will start at 12:30pm this Sunday, December 13th on the turf fields at Waltham High School, 617 Lexington Street, Waltham MA 02452. Everyone is welcome—to play, to have a catch, to be a fan, or to just tell a story. It will be a great tribute to him and the game he loved.

Bruce often brought our community together through his observations and words, and while doing so, turned unheard of players into stars. He did it humbly, and never made it about himself. This time, though, it’s all about Bruce—a man whose passion and energy made lacrosse better around here. This time, Bruce will be the star.

About another memorial game he attended, @blerch27, himself, said on Twitter, “This might be the most epic pickup lax game in the history of ever… little guys, HS and college players… unreal!”

Bring your gear, your friends, and your memories. This should be a lot of fun, and we know he’ll be watching.

Visiting Hours – Friday, December 11th from 4-8pm in The RJ Ross Funeral Home, 135 South Street, Wrentham MA 02093

The Bruce Lerch Memorial Scholarship Fund is accepting donations, both from individuals, and from teams looking to participate in the helmet decal campaign.

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