Certifying Cascade Pro 7 Helmet

Wanted to send a reminder to all parents with sons who own a Pro 7 Cascade Helmet. Currently Cascade has a 2-3 week turn around time with the updates needed on the Pro 7 Helmets for certification. With the certification, the helmets will receive extra padding inside and also come with a STICKER on outside of the helmet showing the helmet us currently approved by NOSCAE.


If you own a Cascade Pro 7, make sure you following the instruction below so you are able to wear the Pro 7 Helmet in the Spring Season. 


Lacrosse Officials have already informed ALL High School Coaches and ALL Youth Coaches that players WILL NOT be able to play if they are wearing a Pro 7 Helmet that has not been sent in and has the NEW Sticker showing that the updates have been made to the helmet and the helmet is currently approved by NOSCAE. 


Please do not delay in sending in the helmet to Cascade. As we get closer to the Spring season, the turn around time will get longer and longer with people who have been procrastinating to sending in the helmets. 


Again, if you have a Pro 7 Helmet and you did not send it in to Cascade for the needed update and sticker from NOSCAE, you WILL NOT be able to wear the helmet in the Spring Season for your town program (High School and Town). 


Just wanted to give everyone a reminder. 


The process for each player is as follows:


1st – Click on this link:  http://r.cascadelacrosse.com/

2nd – Go to the please click here link once you have read the paragraph above and below.

3rd – Fill out the shipping information, level of play and delivery method.

4th – A shipping RA# will be given to you immediately for print.  Place the RA# on your box that you will return to Cascade with your helmet in it.   The Liverpool NY address is already provided on RA#


* Cascade has asked that you send back your most frequently used Cascade R helmet to get done first then your other R helmets to get done after February 1st.   You may choose to comply or not with this request.

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