Great Turnout at the annual Alumni Game

We had over 30 alumni attend the annual game on Saturday morning.  The alumni scrimmaged the Billerica Varsity team to prepare them for the State Tournament.  The alumni took another victory by a score of 14-5.

From the 70’s we had Tom Lavery.  From the 80’s we had alumni Jim Murphy, Grant and Jim Whiteway, Chris Marmiani, and Ralph Laundry.  From the 90’s we had Craig Flynn and Tom Pendleton.  From the 2000’s we had Nick Pinto, Dave Spivey, Doug Gallant, Gary McKay, Adam Foss, Tom Todd, Peter Vacca, Mike Slatton, and Greg Melaugh.  2010’s- Jimmy Holland, Dylan Fernandes, Ian Abrahamson, Mike Curley, Nick Morello, Grant Whiteway, Ben Melaugh, Cam Slatton, Peter Walters, Tom McLaughlin, Dylan Svenson, Kevin Farrell, and DJ Smith.  Thanks to Ed Melaugh for officiating.

Special thanks to team mothers Mary Laundry and Eileen McLaughlin and all the high school parents who brought food and refreshments for the boys after the game.

The Pride of Billerica Lacrosse Never Graduates!



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