Wesley College

Coach Flynn,

Thank you for connecting with me on Field Level. I thought I would send a personal e-mail introducing myself and our program so that you have an idea of my abilities as a coach/mentor for these young men.  Although I am in my first year at Wesley College, I am a 27-year teacher and have been coaching quite some time, most recently at The Haverford School in Pennsylvania where I was part of a nationally ranked program. Our program is headed in a new direction, call it a “re-boot” and we will enter a new conference beginning with the 2018-19 school year.  This will align similar colleges of size and geographic location so that there is parity in a competitive conference.  We are aggressively recruiting to reach and win our conference finals to receive a bid for the NCAA tournament and we are very confident we can do so in the next two recruiting classes. We feel our college offers a nice blend of a small campus atmosphere with a serious education and an excellent opportunity for our 2018 class of lacrosse players to become part of something special.  There will be no shortage of game time for the 2018 and 2019 recruiting classes, however we need help identifying those players that truly want to elevate their game and take advantage of what we have to offer.  At this point we are asking if you have any 2018’s that fit our profile and if so have them contact us. We currently are actively seeking an attackman that can step in to play as a freshman.

We have a reputation for rewarding student athletes for their academic success, players who have a 3.5+ GPA and a 1200 SAT score can expect a minimum 20K deducted from a 37K  all-inclusive package and that is before any financial aid.  It is not uncommon for our academically talented students to attend for less than 15K per year!

I am enclosing a few links so that you may research our school and feel confident passing information on to potential players. I have included my cell phone and I always make time to speak with a coach, so feel free to contact me.  Check us out on social media as well, we are on Instgram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Thanks again and good luck this school year.

Online Brochure:  http://www.i-studentglobal.com/usa/de/wesley/domestic/

Promo Video1:          https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=po4a4jQqeDY

Promo Video2:        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YTdGJ_JJ6ts

Student Aid Calculator:  https://wesley.studentaidcalculator.com/survey.aspx

Recruiting Questionnaire: http://athletics.wesley.edu/sports/mlax/Questionnaire

All the best,


Robert DiIonno

Asst. Men’s Lacrosse Coach

Wesley College


Direct: 302.736.2523
Cell: 484 643-0538
Website: http://www.wesley.edu

Attachments area
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7v7 Snowcase

Happy New Year Coach!

With the holidays behind us and everything getting back to normal, we wanted to remind you that our 7v7 Snowcase,  (High School Boys Lacrosse Recruiting Showcase) is less than 2 weeks away!

If you haven’t already, we would love it if you could pass this along to your players, especially those uncommitted Seniors and Juniors. Sophomore are welcome if you feel they have high enough skill level.  We are sure you have several players deserving of a chance to play at the next level.

We have worked hard to secure a terrific facility at Danvers Indoor Sports and get a variety of local colleges to attend. We want to make sure your top players get the opportunity to showcase their skills in front of them!

All of the details, including registration, can be found on our website:


Date:  Monday, January 15th – Martin Luther King Day

Time: 9am – 3pm

Location: Danvers Indoor Sports – 2 fields

Exposure:  Players will play at least 3 games in front of local college coaches.

Cost:  $159

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Billerica Lax Apparel

Buy your Billerica Lacrosse apparel and equipment now for the Holidays. Open for one week only.  


Click on Link.  Password is lax



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2018 Billerica Lacrosse Schedule

2018 Lacrosse Schedule
Day Date Opponent Time Score
Pre Season 
Mon 3/19/2018 1st Practice 2:30  
Sat 3/24/2018 at Acton Boxboro   Scrimmage
Wed 3/28/2018 at Concord Carlisle   Scrimmage
Tues 4/3/2018 Reading 4:00  
Thurs 4/5/2018 at Dracut* 4:00  
Sat 4/7/2018 Lexington 1:00  
Tues 4/10/2018 Chelmsford* 4:00  
Thurs 4/12/2018 Central  Catholic 4:00  
Sat 4/14/2018 Towson at Umass #    
Tues 4/17/2018 at Haverhill 4:00  
Fri 4/20/2018 Longmeadow at Bentley 7:00  
Tues 4/24/2018 at Andover    
Thurs 4/26/2018 at North Andover*    
Sat 4/28/2018 at Duxbury 1:00  
Mon 4/30/2018 Lowell 7:00  
Wed 5/2/2018 Dracut* 7:00  
Fri 5/4/2018 at Chelmsford*    
Tues 5/7/2018 at Tewksbury* 4:00  
Thurs 5/10/2018 Malden Catholic 7:00  
Sat  5/12/2018 at Methuen    
Mon 5/14/2018 North Andover * 7:00  
Friday 5/18/2018 Tewksbury* 7:00  
Mon 5/21/2018 Newton North 7:00  
Wed 5/23/2018 at Xaverian  7:00  
* League Games    
  # Watch 4 Billerica Alumni in D 1 Game     
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Help Raise for Cancer -Headstrong Foundation


Drew Laundry

I am growing my mustache this fall in effort to raise funds to improve lives affected by cancer and support the HEADstrong Foundation.

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Tom Brady Diet

Here’s what Tom Brady eats on an ‘average day’


By Nik DeCosta-Klipa BOSTON.COM STAFF  SEPTEMBER 15, 2017

A lot of New England Patriots fans may say they’d like to be Tom Brady. But it’s a good bet that hardly as many aspire to eat like him.

Over the course of his NFL career, the 40-year-old quarterback has adopted a notoriously restricted and regimented diet, as part of his overall philosophy toward health and fitness.

In Brady’s new book, The TB 12 Method, which goes on sale Tuesday, the Patriots quarterback outlines what an average day of eating and working out is like in his shoes, or cleats. Or Uggs.

As he as done in the past, Brady advocates eating “real foods” and achieving balance — almost to an extreme. And while the outline indeed hawks a number of Brady’s pricey self-branded nutrition products, it also provides a first-person account of the eating habits that have fascinated and flummoxed his fans.

Bottom of Form

On an average day, Brady says he wakes up around 6 a.m. and “immediately” drinks 20 ounces of water with electrolytes. As he discusses at-length in the book, Brady stresses the importance of staying hydrated and says he drinks 12 to 25 glasses of water a day, always with his TB12 electrolyte concentrate added.

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How to make Tom Brady’s famous avocado ice cream

Perhaps one of the most well-known items in Tom Brady’s highly restrictive diet is his avocado ice cream.


“I add electrolytes to virtually everything I drink,” Brady writes, including lemonade.

After his obligatory 20-ounce glass of water, Brady showers and goes downstairs to make some sort of smoothie.

“Typically, it contains blueberries, bananas, seeds, and nuts,” he says. “It’s nutrient dense, high in fat, high in protein, and high in calories.”

Once full of fruit and seeds, Brady says he works out roughly around 8 a.m., which is another thing about which he speaks at length — both in the book, as well as with anyreporterwho will listen (the key term to know is pliability; just ask Jon Gruden).

During his workout, Brady says he makes sure to drink more water, along with more electrolytes. Once finished, Brady says he has a protein shake made of one scoop of his self-branded protein powder, almond milk, and — of course — more electrolytes. And always within 20 minutes.

“Wait any longer and your body will begin seeking its own protein sources and start tearing down muscle you’ve just been building up,” he writes. Brady says he is committed to the “20-minute rule” and “rarely” does any intense workouts without a protein shake immediately after.

Also, it’s only 10 a.m. at this point. The days must feel long when you’re Tom Brady.

Around 11 a.m., Brady says he may have some snacks before lunch if he feels the urge. In fact, Brady encourages snacks.

“I never go long without snacking,” he writes.

It’s no coincidence then that he also sells $50 packs of his own TB12 snacks — which contain a lot of the same sort of foods that he puts in his aforementioned smoothies.


Finally, around noon, Brady has lunch, which he says is “often a piece of fish, but always with lots of vegetables.”

As he outlines in the book, Brady follows four general principles about combining food. The first is not to eat proteins with carbohydrates like potatoes or bread. The second is that mixing proteins or carbs with vegetables is “ideal” for digestion. Except for nightshades, of course.

“I make sure most of what I eat is alkalizing,” Brady writes.

In addition to his strict regime of mostly plant-based foods, Brady follows a so-called alkaline diet, which purports to minimize muscle inflammation. Long story short, he generally tries to limit “acidifying” foods — such as white rice and bread, but also cold cuts, pineapples, and yogurt, to name a few — to 20 percent of his diet. The other 80 percent he says should be made up of alkalizing foods, like Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, and dandelion greens.

From 2 to 5 p.m., if he’s feeling snacky again, Brady says he might have another protein shake, protein bar, or fruit, such as grapes, a banana, or an apple. Brady’s third principle of combining food is not to eat fruit with other food, which he says is bad for digestion.

“Eat fruits alone,” he writes. “They digest quickly. Other foods don’t.”

His fourth principle is not to drink much water with meals, for similar reasons.

“Drinking water with your meals can interfere with good digestion,” Brady writes. “Drink water half an hour before a meal, and then wait an hour before you have your next glass.”

Otherwise, Brady says he drinks his electrolyte-infused water as much as he can throughout the day.

Other snack candidates include chips and guacamole, hummus, raw vegetables, or yet another protein shake.

“I’m never lacking for protein, and some days I’ll have up to three or four scoops of protein powder,” he writes.


Dinner comes around 6 p.m. in the Brady household.

“Dinner is another nutrient-dense meal that includes a lot of vegetables,” he writes, without getting into specifics.

“I don’t really drink tea, but I might drink a cup of bone broth,” Brady says. He “rarely” drinks alcohol.

Elsewhere in the book, Brady includes meal recipes for burgers made out of chicken or salmon, accompanied by various salads of avocados and greens. There’s even a recipe for — gasp — pasta with creamy sauce.

“Personally, I don’t eat this often, for reasons I described earlier,” Brady says of the pasta, made of brown rice flour.

“But again, it’s always about balance,” he adds.

And for dessert? Nothing. At least not on “an average day.”

However, the book does include a recipe for Brady’s now-infamous avocado ice cream. Sometimes, he says, he’ll have another protein shake, if he’s working out hard the next morning, which on an average day, he probably is.

Brady writes that perhaps after his NFL career is over, he’ll loosen up his routine. But for now he’s happy with it:

“I enjoy how I eat, and what I eat, and never feel like I’m missing out.”

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Nov16 008

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